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Front End Loaders

Businesses that generate a large volume of recyclable garbage should use front end loaders (FELs) as their primary method of waste disposal. This might be in the form of one type of dry waste element, such as cardboard packaging, or it could be in the form of mixed general waste disposal.


If wheeled containers make your bin storage area or even your entire business premises seem unkempt, front end loaders might just be what you need. The containers themselves are strong steel boxes with locking lids, and even the smallest model has around five times the volume of the biggest wheelie bins on the market.


Front end loaders offer a significant benefit over skips in that they can be emptied on-site and, while not having wheels, can be moved into a new place using a forklift.


Front end loaders have two other major advantages versus skips. Because a waste disposal company can empty dozens of front end loaders in a day without having to go back to the facility, the prices can be less than half that of a building skip. As a result, front end loaders are far more carbon efficient. Front end loaders are lockable and fully enclosed, ensuring that your rubbish is safe from rodents and protected from inclement weather.


Traditional skips are better suited to larger loads such as bricks, wood, and other building materials, so think about what you might need, and we are always happy to answer your questions should you have any.


What Is A Front End Loader?

Designed for compactable garbage, front end loaders can be used at locations where wheelie bins are insufficient. Offices, shops, restaurants, and other businesses that generate a significant amount of packaging or light black bag-type waste can benefit greatly from using these services, which are convenient, quick to fill, and scheduled so that you don’t have to bother about arranging pickups.


Suitable waste includes: 

– General commercial waste

– Segregated recycling

– Dry mixed recycling 


However, do bear in mind that other types of waste – including building materials and wood – is not something the front end loaders can be used for. For this sort of rubbish, hiring a skip is usually the best course of action. 


Front end loaders are large ‘skip-like’ containers, but instead of being swapped or removed from the site or emptied and returned (as skips are), they are unloaded into waste collection trucks on site. The process is very similar to wheelie bins, only with a much larger capacity. This is what makes them ideal for some businesses. 


Our front end loaders are the most advanced and cost-effective waste collection option available.


The front-end loaders are completely covered to help in tidiness and to provide protection from undesired pests and bad weather conditions. All containers, which come in a variety of sizes, are emptied on-site to minimise interruption to customer facilities and to decrease ever-increasing transportation costs.


While front end loader services can be used for any waste solution, they are especially useful in the commercial and industrial sectors. Contact us today to find out more. 

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I hired 2 skips so far and will definitely be using them again. Always on time, once you’ve booked once they have your details and are quick to book second time round. Never needed to be there for skip removal. They just did everything themselves. Great team.

Ricc Webb – London
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I was looking for a company to hire a skip from. I went through Google and phoned half a dozen companies. It wasn’t just about price, but availability too. On top of which I got a second week which really helped ,as both my husband and myself are disabled and was clearing out some cupboards and renovating some rooms. The lady I spoke to was helpful and spoke very nicely. It’s definitely a company I would use again and have already recommended.

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Called TWBC as I was struggling to get the skip I wanted when I needed it from my usual supplier. They were great, sorted what I wanted for when I needed it and it was even a slightly better price than my usual supplier. Nice friendly people on the phone who confirmed everything and answered any questions. Will start to call them first in the future. Very happy customer.

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We hired a skip at short notice, the customer service was amazing from Tara. She went out of her way to find what we needed, and went over and above what we could have expected!
Would 100% recommend this company, and would like to thank Tara for her quick, helpful, happy and professional service!!

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