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Baled and Pallet Collections

We are available to collect your unwanted wooden pallets in little and large numbers, on an ad hoc or monthly basis, or on any other timetable you choose. We provide a dependable and timely pallet collection service customised to you.


We can pick up your cardboard waste bales on a schedule that works for you. Get in contact with us straight away to learn more. We’re here to help you with any questions you may have, and we’re certain that we have the knowledge and experience to do so.

Why would you need pallet collections for your business? The biggest reason for recycling pallets and arranging for pallet collection is the environmental impact. Pallet recycling is the most environmentally friendly method to dispose of unused wood. Once recovered, your old pallets will be broken down and reconditioned into new, robust pallets that will be used in the pallet network for years to come.


This approach eliminates the overproduction of brand new pallets and the waste of perfectly good resources. It is important not to squander what we have, particularly if the wood is in good shape and can be reused several times.


As well as this, there is the health and safety aspect. The presence of splintered wood pallets in a warehouse or work area raises severe questions about worker safety and health. Employees are more likely to be injured in a hazardous workplace because of the increased danger of fire, as well as the injuries that could be caused by the broken or old pallets themselves. When pallets are fixed on a frequent basis via recycling and repurposing methods, you are guaranteeing that pallets are in excellent functioning order for the next client.

Bale Collections

If you generate a lot of cardboard and packing waste, investing in a baler could be a great idea for your business. The question is, though, what happens to the cardboard once it is in bales? The best thing to do is have them collected by experts. 


In order to flatten the material and make conventional cubic quantities for storage and transportation more cost-effective, a cardboard baler employs massive amounts of force. Designed for use in commercial establishments, cardboard baling equipment is safe and simple to operate. This is not the same as just tossing cardboard into a standard waste crusher with mixed debris. Cardboard balers make standard-size cardboard bales that are instantly a saleable commodity – that is, you get paid when someone picks it up – rather than a waste burden that costs you money to dispose of.


On top of this, being eco-friendly when it comes to waste disposal has a number of business advantages. One of the primary reasons why recycling is crucial for a company is that it is a simple method for them to save money and boost their bottom line. Recycling programmes can save money and, even better, free up funds for additional environmentally friendly activities. Not only are modern-day customers seeking green and sustainable goods, but so are corporate personnel. Employees are more likely to stay with a firm that recycles, and using a baler to crush your cardboard and then having the waste collected in a sustainable way is a great option.

Just a small section of our happy customers

I hired 2 skips so far and will definitely be using them again. Always on time, once you’ve booked once they have your details and are quick to book second time round. Never needed to be there for skip removal. They just did everything themselves. Great team.

Ricc Webb – London
Hired a 8 Yard Skip

I was looking for a company to hire a skip from. I went through Google and phoned half a dozen companies. It wasn’t just about price, but availability too. On top of which I got a second week which really helped ,as both my husband and myself are disabled and was clearing out some cupboards and renovating some rooms. The lady I spoke to was helpful and spoke very nicely. It’s definitely a company I would use again and have already recommended.

Gillian Patterson – Leeds
Hired a 6 Yard Skip

Called TWBC as I was struggling to get the skip I wanted when I needed it from my usual supplier. They were great, sorted what I wanted for when I needed it and it was even a slightly better price than my usual supplier. Nice friendly people on the phone who confirmed everything and answered any questions. Will start to call them first in the future. Very happy customer.

Colin Pogson – Peterborough
Hired a 8 Yard Skip

We hired a skip at short notice, the customer service was amazing from Tara. She went out of her way to find what we needed, and went over and above what we could have expected!
Would 100% recommend this company, and would like to thank Tara for her quick, helpful, happy and professional service!!

Kim Bishop – Stamford
Hired a 6 Yard Skip