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Confidential Waste Services

The advent of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) means that your organisation must be much more cautious about how you acquire, store and use personal information. This is because it might be exploited in a variety of ways, including identity theft and financial gain, if it was in the wrong hands.


If you’re looking for a trustworthy confidential waste disposal service, look no further. The Waste Brokerage Company can help you, no matter what you might need. Please contact us today to find out more.

What Is Confidential Waste?

The term “confidential waste” refers to papers held by any company that could reveal sensitive information about suppliers, customers, or workers. If a third party has access to this sort of information, they could commit fraud, blackmail, or identity theft.


Aside from possible legal repercussions, failing to properly dispose of sensitive material through confidential waste collection might have several other consequences. Identity theft, fraud, and unauthorised copying and distribution of your intellectual property are all examples of this. It might even be utilised for industrial espionage with a specific goal in mind.

Confidential Waste Disposal

When such information is no longer needed, all papers, discs, USB flash drives, hard drives, and other storage devices storing it must be destroyed.


At The Waste Brokerage Company, we take confidential material from consumers, shred it, and recycle it. We provide services that ensure total security and are available either on-site or off-site. This ensures that you and your organisation are entirely compliant with data privacy and protection regulations while discarding information records.


We manage your confidential waste disposal in accordance with the Data Protection Act of 1998, and this includes paper documents and data, CDs, hard drives, and uniforms.

Confidential Waste Collection

Companies and individuals can rest assured that their privacy and reputations are safeguarded by our secure confidential waste collection and destruction services. Confidential waste will be handled safely and properly by our team.


The Waste Brokerage Company provides a comprehensive confidential waste management solution that includes the safe collection, disposal, and destruction of all sensitive papers and equipment.


Employee application forms, payslips, employment records, quotes, invoices, bank statements, education or medical records – even memos, handwritten notes, emails, or letters if they contain personal information such as emails or addresses – are examples of confidential documentation that must be properly disposed of.


And, with the implementation of the General Data Protection Regulations in May 2018, which supplanted the UK’s Data Protection Act, the laws governing what personal information businesses may store and how they can use it are now more rigorous than ever. This is why professional, confidential waste services are crucial.

Confidential Waste Bin Collection

Confidential waste bins have been built to securely store confidential paper documents prior to destruction. They include a locked lid to prevent unauthorised access to the contents of the bin and are a dependable option for schools, hospitals, contact centres, shopping malls, and office settings. In fact, they are ideal for anyone who needs to keep confidential information safe until a confidential waste collection can be organised. Contact us today to find out more.

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I hired 2 skips so far and will definitely be using them again. Always on time, once you’ve booked once they have your details and are quick to book second time round. Never needed to be there for skip removal. They just did everything themselves. Great team.

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I was looking for a company to hire a skip from. I went through Google and phoned half a dozen companies. It wasn’t just about price, but availability too. On top of which I got a second week which really helped ,as both my husband and myself are disabled and was clearing out some cupboards and renovating some rooms. The lady I spoke to was helpful and spoke very nicely. It’s definitely a company I would use again and have already recommended.

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Called TWBC as I was struggling to get the skip I wanted when I needed it from my usual supplier. They were great, sorted what I wanted for when I needed it and it was even a slightly better price than my usual supplier. Nice friendly people on the phone who confirmed everything and answered any questions. Will start to call them first in the future. Very happy customer.

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We hired a skip at short notice, the customer service was amazing from Tara. She went out of her way to find what we needed, and went over and above what we could have expected!
Would 100% recommend this company, and would like to thank Tara for her quick, helpful, happy and professional service!!

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