What is a Waste Broker and What Do They Do?

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If you operate a business, you’ll understand how all companies have complex waste management requirements, and it can sometimes be difficult to meet such requirements without third-party assistance. Put simply, waste brokers are on-hand to provide affordable and compliant waste management solutions for businesses of all sizes.

Waste management brokers help businesses to analyse their current waste management processes. After analysis, a broker can offer advice on how to implement more environmentally friendly and cost-effective means of dealing with waste. This includes information on how to avoid fines from regulatory authorities and ways to prevent unnecessary fees from waste haulage companies.

Waste brokers also make use of industry tools like audits to improve the way your business deals with solid waste and recyclable waste. This could help reduce the amount of waste your business sends to landfill, thereby reducing the carbon footprint of your business.

A waste broker will

Analyse your needs

Your waste broker should consult with your business in-depth. This will help them to analyse the waste management requirements of your company, and allow them to conduct an audit to ensure maximum efficiency when it comes to the removal of waste from the business.

Streamline your waste management process

If your current waste management solutions can be improved upon, made more cost-effective or easier to oversee, your waste management broker will be able to identify areas which can be streamlined. Your broker should work closely with you to identify potential improvements across all departments.

Ensure legislative compliance

Your broker should ensure that all waste management protocols are compliant with local legislation. This can include things like waste reduction initiatives, composting, environmentally-conscious waste disposal and complying with WEEE regulations.

What types of waste can a broker manage?


Plastic is  becoming one of the most difficult forms of waste to manage due to its wide range of uses. Waste brokers can help businesses reduce the amount sent to landfill and increase their plastic recycling rate.

Metal and industrial waste

Industrial waste can include anything from steel, wood and metal scraps to electronic components. Waste brokers can help mitigate disposal costs while helping the business comply with local and international regulations.

Commercial solid waste

Commercial solid waste is produced in large quantities, and often poses a considerable challenge when it comes to disposal. Waste brokers can provide the necessary guidance on how to reduce the amount of hazardous materials sent to landfill, while providing cost-effective solutions for dealing with non-hazardous commercial waste.


Waste brokers are also experts in recycling. They can provide guidance on how to sort and store recyclables, while providing advice on the most cost-effective way of disposing of these materials. It is also possible for brokers to advise businesses on ways to increase their use of recycled materials and reduce their reliance on new resources.

Textiles and paper waste

Textiles and paper are both difficult to dispose of, with many regulations requiring businesses to separate different types of textiles for recycling. Waste brokers can provide advice on the most efficient ways of sorting and disposing of these materials.

In summary, waste brokers are invaluable resources when it comes to managing the complex waste management requirements of a business.

The benefits of having professional waste management services

Businesses can save in the region of 35% or more when they partner with a waste management broker. In addition to enjoying lower costs on waste contracts, your business can also:

  • Consolidate waste management across multiple locations.
  • Benefit from a central customer service team with the motivation to solve all problems.
  • Consult with experts on sustainability and waste stream management.
  • Leverage business intelligence and data analysis specific to your industry and its waste requirements.
  • Remain compliant with local, regional and national legislation.

If you’re looking to streamline your waste management solution, get in touch with The Waste Brokerage Company today. We can provide you with advice on the most cost-effective and compliant solution for your business, while helping to ensure a more sustainable future.

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